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Capetown V&ACape Town – top 10 (and a bit more…)

Cape Town is a beautiful city. The most beautiful in South Africa for sure – and one of the most beautiful in the world. Picturesquely set around Table Mountain (one of the 7 wonders of nature),with wonderful sandy beaches and towering cliffs. Blue of sky and ocean, golden of the sun, green of the nearby wine farms >>CONTINUE READING>>




2010-soccer-experiences1.jpg15 signs that you were born and raised in South Africa

Not all Africans are the same. South Africans are significantly different from many other Africans in the aspect that they are multi racial and multi-cultural. How do you then recognise a South African? Below some tell-tale signs you were born and raised in South Africa >>CONTINUE READING>>





DSCF3527_editedSouth Africa with children – practical advise

South Africa is one of few countries where you can travel with children very easily. The infrastructure of the country is very good and there is plenty to do for the kids – the best destinations being Kruger Park, Sun City (with it’s massive theme park), Cape Town, Durban and many, many more >>CONTINUE READING>>


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